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VA Mortgage Rates in Washington State

Are they all the same or do they vary by type of lender? There a basically 3 different options for finding the right VA home loan provider in Washington State.

  1. Mortgage Broker – They can shop multiple lenders and match you with the best one that fits your financial profile. Some offer better terms with higher credit scores than others. Their pricing and fees tend to be lower that the other 2 options.
  2. Retail Mortgage Lender (mortgage banker) – similar to a mortgage broker, they will close the loan in their name, but will sell the loan off after closing to one of the National Lenders.
  3. National Lender – This type of entity is your large National banks with centralized processing and often times higher rates on VA loans when compared to the other options.

Looking for a VA home loan quote in Washington State? Call the (NMLS ID 108686) for a detailed quote for your purchase or refinance. It pays to shop around!

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